Stiff Lower Back

At Qerio we take a look at all aspects to improve quality of life and promote positive well being. Whilst well being comes from a positive mind and having a positive outlook, it is to be remembered to look after the body also.

One of the most common complaints we hear about is having a stiff lower back. A stiff lower back can develop over the years if you do not look after the way you do everyday things, like sitting at your desk, wearing the right shoes and also not drinking enough water!

Check out this STIFF LOWER BACK link to learn more about one of the most common problems people face and also, how you can get relief from a stiff lower back with only 27 minutes of gentle stretching each day.

A Positive Journey

We at Qerio have just come across an interesting site that aims to tell the personal stories of people who have overcome a lot of challenges in their lives, whilst on their positive journey to success.

Partners from the UK, Lithuania, Greece and Italy are coming together to write “A Positive Journey“.  But also, the site is open for others to make valuable contributions – simply go to the contact page.

Another interesting page is for Positive Thinking and Self Talk – check it out!  Whilst we are on  the subject of positive thinking, we at Qerio really like this Positive Thinking PPT presentation: Positive Thinking PPT

Now that we have you in a positive state of mind, remember that having a positive mindset is key to being successful in life, no matter what direction or goal you aim for. If it is your aim to retire early and rich, then you might want to look at this site: How to retire early and rich

They have a great video at the top of the page that gives great tips on how to research the public domain for products you can create and call your own.